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These gorgeous chocolate sweet potato cups are made simply with only six wholesome ingredients.

Dark chocolate cups house a roasted sweet potato filling, complete with creamy almond milk and caramel-like Medjool dates. On top, a crisp, honey-sweetened, brûléed meringue completes the whole thing.

Sweet potatoes are the powerhouse base of these treats, packing a whopping 400 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin A and a healthy dose of vitamin C. (1) These vitamins function as antioxidants, as do the polyphenols in the dark chocolate cups that house these treats. (2)

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These treats are sweetened naturally thanks to the faint sweetness found in sweet potatoes (brought out even more in the roasting process), the sweetness of honey, and the caramel-like flavor of Medjool dates. No refined sugar in sight!


To start, whip up the sweet potato purée. Simply combine the roasted sweet potato flesh, almond milk, and Medjool dates until smooth and fluid. Then make a meringue by whipping egg whites until frothy and slowly adding heated honey to the mixture until medium-stiff peaks form.

To form the dark chocolate cup bases, first temper the chocolate by heating two-thirds of the chocolate in increments to a certain temperature, seeding in the rest of the chocolate, and heating the whole mixture in a pattern. The recipe below will walk you through the steps!

Once tempered, pour the chocolate into molds and let it coat the entire exterior, flipping the molds over to remove excess chocolate. Once set, pipe the roasted sweet potato filling into the cups, then top with the meringue. Torch the meringues until crisp, and you’re in for a sweet, healthy treat.


Total time:4 hrs

Inactive Time: 2 hrs 2 hours

Sweet Potato Brûlée Cups

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These gorgeous chocolate sweet potato cups are made simply with only six wholesome ingredients


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Sunspire baking chocolate (SunSpire)
Raw honey (Bee Farms)


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