Places to visit near Pune within 100 Km

Pune features several tourist destinations in the form of lakes, forts, waterfalls, and caves. Some of the interesting places to visit within 100 km from Pune is Karla caves, Lonavala lake, Valvun Dam, Rajmachi point, Tung Fort, Besda caves, Tikona Fort, visapur Fort, Korigad Fort, Bhushi Dam, Bhaja Caves, Tiger’s leap, Valvan Dam, Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort and lots more.

Whether you are planning a family trip or honeymoon trip or simply a solo trip, don’t forget to visit this must-visit tourist destination near Pune.


Khandala and Lonavala are the two amazing twin hill stations that are situated within 100 km from Pune to Mumbai highway. Whenever you are planning for a Pune tourist package, don’t miss an opportunity to visit these monsoon gateways of India. With over an extensive area of 38 km, the hill station is widely spread and was given the name ‘Lonavali’, which denotes a group of the cave.

You need to cover a distance of 67km from Pune to reach this adorable hill station. Karla caves, Lohagad Fort and Raimachi point are found to be the best tourist destination to visit near Mumbai and Pune. The best time to reach the Khandala and Lonavala hill station is during the monsoon season. You can visit this amazing place during the month of July and September.


Karla is one of the traditional tourist destinations of Pune. It features marvelous rock-cut architecture in India. The Karla caves are nicely excavated and designed as per the ancient history. It was designed during the 10th century AD. It contains 16 amazing rock-cut excavations and of which 8 caves are in the chaityagriha right now and the rest of them are nowhere. The Karla Caves and its rock excavations are not that intense as compared to Ellora and Ajanta

Shivneri Fort

At a distance of exactly 94km from Pune, Shivneri fort is located. It is quite an amazing ancient fort which is located near Junnar in Pune. If you are planning for a pilgrimage, never miss out this chance. Visiting a popular pilgrimage like shivneri fort will get you marvelous tourist experience.

The Shivneri Fort was developed during the period of Satvahanas. Over time, it was occupied by the Bahamas and Yadhavas. The story behind the development of shivneri fort is interesting. It is one of the famous weekend picnic destinations in Pune so far


The Chaityagriha features eye-catching excavations as it was developed during the period when Buddhism was in favor. It boasts several nave, pillars and rich set of art and architecture. It has many viharas for Buddhist and monks. The two main pillars of this place look awesome. To get a sacred tourist experience, you should visit this traditional place in Pune.

Entrance Fee: Rs. 5 per person.
Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM.


Mulshi was given the name of a popular dam, Mula River which is located at the Mulshi Taluka of Pune. Backed by the intense forest of Sahyadri mountain, Mulshi Dam seems to be the frequently visited place in Pune. The musli dam was established in 1927 AD yet the renovation of this dam has recently done. The tata power is being powered by the water that comes from the Mulshi Dam. It is the source of electricity production for the plants nearby Pune location.

Moreshwar temple

Sri Moreshwar temple is recognized as one of the famous pilgrimage places in Pune. You will have to travel a distance of 17 km from the Pune Junction to visit this sacred pilgrimage. The temple was developed by a devotee of Lord Ganesh and it offers a blessing to the visitors. Moreover, this temple is recognized as the first temple built among the Vinayak temples of our Lord Ganesha.

Lohagad Fort

The Lohagad fort is an iron fort, which is located at 11km from Lonavala. This iron fort boasts a strong foundation of art & architecture and grabs a large number of tourist attractions. It is located along the popular Sahyadri hills in Lonavala region of Maharashtra.

The fort is designed in a way that it looks like the tail of an aggressive scorpion. It has four entrances to enter namely, Narayan Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja, Ganesha Darwaja, and Maha Darwaja. All of these four gates are still marvelous. It is amazing places to visit in Pune and Mumbai within 100km

This fort seems to be the ideal tourist attraction for trekkers and adventurous lovers. Besides, it is popular and intense especially during the monsoon season. Malvali is the pleasant trekking area which is located at just 7 km around this iron fort. Once you reached this iron font, don’t forget to visit the Malvali to enjoy a great trekking experience.

  • No entrance Fees
  • Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM.


Kune Falls

Kune falls is a pleasant tourist attraction which is situated at a distance of 2 km from the Khandala Railway station.  Being an amazing scenic waterfall, it attracts a large number of visitors to this place with its mesmerizing beauty. The green lushes and the water splashes around the Kune fall get you an unforgettable tourist experience. It is a three-tiered waterfall and stands at a height of 622km against the popular Sahyadri mountains.

  • Location: Near Khandala
  • Transportation Options: Bus/Cab/Auto/Walk/Trek


Jeijuri is a beautiful town located at a distance of 48 km from the Pune Junction. It is recognized as the most prestigious town around Maharastra. The place seems to be the pilgrimage where people can visit it with the sacred mind. The way the Jejuri Khandoba temple was designed in the place is awesome and contributes a lot to the tourism department. If you are planning for a family trip with your kids, this might be your priority.

Whether you are planning for a solo trip or family trip, don’t forget to enjoy these must-visit places in Pune. For more details, visit our site and stay tuned with us!

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