Delta Is Changing Its Boarding Policy

Delta Air Lines is adding two extra boarding groups that coincide with the fare the traveler purchased.

The goal is for fewer people to be standing at the gate at once, making boarding faster. But it also to provide a subtle message that buying premium level seats come with perks, such as boarding sooner.

The details of Delta’s new boarding policy

  • The new boarding process begins on Jan. 23, 2019 no matter when you purchased your ticket.
  • One of three colors will be shown on your boarding pass: blue, red or purple. Purple is only used on flights with Delta One premium service. Red is for first class and Sky Priority customers. Blue indicates economy, and premium economy seats with extra legroom have a different shade of blue. People with disabilities or those who need extra boarding assistance are unaffected by the color system and still board early.
  • Economy passengers, who pay the lowest fares, still board last. Delta Medallion members, the highest level of Delta’s frequent flyer program, will always board in the first group.
  • Basic economy passengers will receive a notice during the booking process about potentially checking carry-ons free of charge at the gate in case overhead space becomes limited.

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