21 Anti-Inflammatory Gummy Recipes That Are Better Than an ACV Shot

Courtney Hamilton

Enjoy all the benefits of an apple cider vinegar shot without the bite, and mix up these sweet ACV gummy recipes.

Get your daily health boost in gummy form! These 21 gummy recipes are packed with antioxidants from anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, cacao powder, ginger, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, and even kombucha.

Plus, you’ll get an extra boost from the all-important ingredient that makes them jiggle: gut-healing gelatin and collagen! Paleo-friendly fruits, spices, and sweeteners make these gummy recipes uniquely delicious – they’re like candy you can feel good about eating.

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So, don’t fret if choking down apple cider vinegar shots first thing in the morning isn’t your thing. You can fight inflammation with daily dose of any of these bite-sized gummy recipes. Go ahead – feed your inner kid!

Gut-Healing Kombucha Gummies


The most basic of all the gummy recipes! Reap the gut-healing benefits of kombucha with an added kick of anti-inflammatory fresh ginger.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Gut-Healing Kombucha Gummies

Pumpkin Turmeric Gummies


Sweet, creamy, and turmeric-infused gummies are great for the fall, but also delicious year-round.

Recipe: Unbound Wellness | Pumpkin Turmeric Gummies

Turmeric Gummies


Keep it simple and make your gummies with just turmeric, water, maple syrup, gelatin, and a pinch of black pepper for absorption.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Turmeric Gummies

Honey Ginger Turmeric Gummies


Combine the anti-inflammatory deliciousness of turmeric and ginger in these sweet and spicy gummies.

Recipe: PaleoPlan | Honey Ginger Turmeric Gummies

Golden Milk Gummies


These gummies are like a creamy latte in candy form.

Recipe: My Heart Beets | Golden Milk Gummies

Apple Pie Gut-Healing Gummies


If you’re keto, you need to try these low-carb gummies that taste like apple pie.

Recipe: Christina Rice Wellness | Apple Pie Gut-Healing Gummies

Chocolate Peppermint Gummy Treats


Good news about chocolate – it fights inflammation! Use raw cacao powder to get all those antioxidants.

Recipe: Savory Lotus | Chocolate Peppermint Gummy Treats

Hibiscus Ginger Gelatin Gummies


Any fan of ginger needs to whip up these sweet and tangy gummies ASAP.

Recipe: A Squirrel in the Kitchen | Hibiscus Ginger Gelatin Gummies

Lemon Ginger Gummies


Lemon and ginger join forces to fight inflammation and relieve nausea. Double-win!

Recipe: The Ruby Kitchen | Lemon Ginger Gummies

Mexican Hot Chocolate Gummies


Chocolatey and sweet with just a kick of cayenne, these gummies are like a soothing sip of Mexican hot chocolate.

Recipe: This Is So Good | Mexican Hot Chocolate Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies


This one’s a classic. Take your daily apple cider vinegar shot in gummy form!

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Lemon Honey Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies


Need a way to get your kiddos to take some ACV? Try these sweet little bites tempered with fresh apple juice and raw honey.

Recipe: The Peachee Pear | Lemon Honey Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Cherry Ginger Gummies


Cherries and ginger are a match made in heaven with these sweetly tart anti-inflammatory pick-me-ups.

Recipe: Autoimmune Wellness | Cherry Ginger Gummies

Flu-Busting Citrus and Turmeric Gummies


Got the sniffles? Pop one of these flu-busting bites to start feeling like yourself again.

Recipe: Greens of the Stone Age | Flu Busting Citrus and Turmeric Gummies

Green Tea, Lemon, and Ginger Gummies


Load up on antioxidants with these superfood-packed gummies.

Recipe: Meatified | Green Tea, Lemon, and Ginger Gummies

Berry Turmeric Immune Boosting Gummies


Your kids will love these berry gummies made with OJ and a sneaky dose of turmeric.

Recipe: Naughty Nutrition | Berry Turmeric Immune Boosting Gummies

Turmeric Mango Coconut Gummies


These fun layered gummies are loaded with yummy island flavors.

Recipe: Naked Paleo | Turmeric Mango Coconut Gummies

Apple Cider Gummies


These AIP-friendly gummies pack in ginger, vanilla, and cloves for a comforting treat.

Recipe: Lichen Paleo, Loving AIP | Apple Cider Gummies

Pomegranate Ginger Gummies


Fresh Meyer lemon juice brings these pomegranate gummies to the next level.

Recipe: Delicious Obsessions | Pomegranate Ginger Gummies

Pineapple Mango Turmeric Gummies


These tropical treats are made with hydrating coconut water for added electrolytes.

Recipe: Lichen Paleo, Loving AIP | Pineapple Mango Turmeric Gummies

Lemon Turmeric Gummies


A little lemon zest helps create a vibrant gummy in this simple recipe.

Recipe: Zesty Paleo | Lemon Turmeric Gummies

Use your leftover gelatin to make these three-ingredient latte gummy bears for a quick pick-me-up, or these collagen marshmallows for firmer skin!


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