19 Divine Ways to Make Veggie Pizza Crust

Courtney Hamilton

Take back your cravings (and your health) with these hearty veggie pizza crusts!

Pizza is one of those foods people tend to give up altogether when they go Paleo – and understandably so. Most pizza dough is laden with gluten and processed ingredients, while toppings are generally greasy and overloaded with cheese.

Enter Paleo pizza. While you can make pizza dough with gluten-free flours, why not boost your vegetable intake with a crisp veggie crust? From the well-trodden territory of cauliflower crust pizza to the more unique carrot crusts and broccoli crusts, we’ve found it all.

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If it’s a vegetable, there’s probably a way to make it into a gratifying pizza. Along with being extra versatile, veggies make it infinitely more delicious and nutritious. Below, we’ve compiled the many iterations on the veggie crust. Enlighten yourself.

Paleo Breakfast Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust


Eating pizza for breakfast is now a thing. Don’t feel bad about it, though! The crust is made with a fiber-rich sweet potato.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Paleo Veggie Bacon Breakfast Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust

No-Fail Cauliflower Crust Pizza


This two-ingredient cauliflower crust (plus water) is one of the best, clean-eating pizza crusts on the web. For the melted cheese, try using this easy dairy-free cheese recipe to keep things Paleo!

Recipe: Healthy Helper Blog | No-Fail Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Grain-Free Mushroom Pizza Crust


This earthy mushroom pizza crust features button mushrooms, almonds, cashews, carrots, flax seeds and more. It’s crunchy on the edges and best served warm from the oven. Cover it with your favorite toppings.

Recipe: The Healthy Apple | Grain-Free Mushroom Pizza Crust

Sheet Pan Cauliflower Pizza


For those of us who can’t be bothered with fancy pizza stones, a sheet pan will suffice in this cauliflower crust recipe.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Sheet Pan Cauliflower Pizza

Grain-Free Sweet Potato Flatbread


Yes, this is technically a flatbread, but who doesn’t love flatbread pizzas? This sweet potato flatbread is just as easily covered in your favorite sauces, meats and veggies.

Recipe: The Healthy Apple | Grain-Free Sweet Potato Flatbread

AIP Cauliflower Pizza Recipe with Pesto


Need a pizza crust that won’t cause inflammation? Try this AIP recipe with a Paleo pesto sauce!

Recipe: Healing Autoimmune | AIP Cauliflower Pizza Recipe with Pesto

3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Pizza Crusts


These crispy, crunchy sweet potato crusts will fool you into thinking that you’re eating actual pizza.

Recipe: The Big Man’s World | 3-Ingredient Sweet Potato Pizza Crusts

Paleo Pumpkin Pizza Crust


Mashed pumpkin combines with coconut flour and almond meal for a gluten-free crust!

Recipe: Nourish Everyday | Paleo Pumpkin Pizza Crust

Paleo Cauliflower and Spinach Breakfast Bread


While technically labeled a bread, these veggie rounds make perfect mini pizza bases.

Recipe: Going Cavewoman | Paleo Cauliflower and Spinach Breakfast Bread

Broccoli Pizza Crust


Broccoli gets a tasty twist with this veggie pizza crust!

Recipe: A Tasty Love Story | Broccoli Pizza Crust

Zucchini Breakfast Pizza


Curly ribbons of zucchini, when mixed together with an egg binder, make for an especially crispy pizza crust. Top this breakfast pizza with runny eggs and anything else that strikes your fancy.

Recipe: The Pancake Princess | Zucchini Breakfast Pizza

Low Carb Eggplant Pizzas


This “recipe” is pretty straightforward: Simply slice eggplant into rounds, sprinkle them with salt, and bake with your favorite toppings.

Recipe: Oatmeal with a Fork | Low Carb Eggplant Pizzas

Spaghetti Squash Pizza Boats


Transform hearty spaghetti squash into the perfect vehicle for gooey, cheesy pizza.

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Spaghetti Squash Pizza Boats

NY Style Thin Crust Pizza


This four-ingredient veggie pizza uses hearty yucca root at its base.

Recipe: Kelley and Cricket | NY Style Thin Crust Pizza

Pesto Portobello Pizza


Instead of grinding up your veggies to make a crust, try using the whole vegetable as the crust itself – like this recipe does with Portobello mushrooms.

Recipe: What Great Grandma Ate | Pesto Portobello Pizza

Paleo Pizza Crust (AIP)


This AIP, nut-free pizza crust is made with a surprise ingredient: yuca!

Recipe: Whole New Mom | Paleo Pizza Crust (AIP)

Breakfast Pizza Baked Peppers


Bell peppers alone serve as the veggie-based “crust” for this pizza recipe.

Recipe: PaleOMG | Breakfast Pizza Baked Peppers

Carrot and Flax Seed Pizza Crust


This carrot-based pizza crust uses flax seeds and almond flour for extra crunch.

Recipe: The Healthy Apple | Carrot and Flax Seed Pizza Crust

Zucchini Pizza Crust


This recipe uses blended zucchini with hazelnut flour and flax seeds to make an ultra-crispy crust.

Recipe: The Healthy Apple | Zucchini Pizza Crust


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