13 Big-Batch Holiday Drinks You Can Make in a Slow Cooker

Courtney Hamilton

Serve up your favorite holiday drinks with simple recipe ideas you can whip up in a slow cooker.

When you’re hosting a holiday get-together, you may be wondering what beverages to serve up. Hot chocolate, eggnog, and hot cider are all fantastic choices, but you’ll need an option that lets you cook them up in large batches. Enter the slow cooker.

Using your trusty slow cooker, you can whip up plenty of holiday crowd-pleasers. Classic drinks like hot apple cider or gingerbread lattes are some of the yummiest ideas on this list. There’s also favorites like Paleo eggnog and clean-eating pumpkin coffee. If you’re craving something warm and fruity, try the spiced cranberry juice or mulled cider.

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Many of these festive drinks are easy to prep and require only a handful of ingredients to get started. In fact, there’s no reason for you to go out and buy holiday beverages – especially if you have to agonize if they’re Paleo-compliant. The slow cooker is the ideal tool for evenly heating and melding your favorite flavors like citrus, chocolate, or warm spices.

So go ahead and slow cook a big batch of your favorite holiday indulgences! You can choose from warm, comforting, and even gut-healing ciders and bone broths. Plus, your guests will enjoy sweet and healthy drinks – without even knowing it’s good for them!

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate is a classic holiday crowd-pleaser, but this slow cooker version is especially rich in antioxidants. Made with dark chocolate and cacao powder, it’s decadently delicious!

Recipe: The Foodie Teen | Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Slow Cooker Apple Cider


While there are many iterations of apple cider to keep you warm this season, this slow cooker version is made from real apples – now that’s something you can feel good about!

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Slow Cooker Wassail


What is wassail, you ask? It’s a fragrant, well-spiced holiday punch that finds its roots in medieval England. But enough with the history lesson: it tastes amazing and is well worth making.

Recipe: A Spicy Perspective | Slow Cooker Wassail

Slow Cooker Chai Tea


Craving creamy, spicy, and sweet goodness? This slow cooker chai latte is easy to whip up and tastes a thousand times better than what comes in a tea bag.

Recipe: Sweet Peas and Saffron | Slow Cooker Chai Tea

Clean-Eating Slow Cooker Pumpkin Coffee


Not quite a latte, this pumpkin-rich coffee is the perfect seasonal morning drink. Whipping it up in the slow cooker means you could easily take it to the office potluck and share.

Recipe: The Gracious Pantry | Clean-Eating Slow Cooker Pumpkin Coffee

Homemade Cranberry Juice


Why buy the stuff in a bottle when you can easily whip up this seasonal fruity drink in your slow cooker? Pro tip: Add some spice, like cinnamon, for a little more seasonal flair.

Recipe: My Heart Beets | Homemade Cranberry Juice

Slow Cooker Cranberry Pear Cider


Move over, apple cider! This fall fruit recipe is taking over. You’ll find bright-orange flavor mixed with a whole lot of spice in this fruity, warm drink.

Recipe: Fox and Briar | Slow Cooker Cranberry Pear Cider

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte


This slow cooker gingerbread latte recipe packs lots of cozy flavor to warm up to.

Recipe: Healthy Slow Cooking | Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte

Easy Fire Cider


This savory, gut-healthy cider is just the thing to keep you warm this holiday season. Bonus: It also boosts your immunity!

Recipe: PaleoHacks | Easy Fire Cider

Dairy-Free Eggnog


Eggnog in the crockpot? Yes, please!

Recipe: The Primal Desire | Dairy-Free Eggnog

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Latte


This Paleo version of the PSL is healthier and far cheaper than the coffee shop. Whip it up for your family on Christmas morning!

Recipe: Fit Slow Cooker Queen | Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Latte

Slow Cooker Bone Broth


We know you don’t normally think of sippable bone broth as a holiday beverage, but it’s the perfect thing to drink on chilly nights.

Recipe: The Healthy Foodie | Slow Cooker Bone Broth

Slow Cooker Mulled Cider


The mulling spice blend of whole cloves and cinnamon sticks gives this cider its distinctive flavor. Skip the optional rum add-in if you’re eating strictly Paleo.

Recipe: Tasteful Venture | Slow Cooker Mulled Cider


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